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Bradford escorts offer female companionship. To which clients, who seek their Bradford escort services, book and pay by the hour for their time. Bradford is a city located in west Yorkshire. Located eight miles west of Leeds city and twelve miles northwest of Wakefield. It is the seventh largest city in the UK, mainly because of immigration. Whether you live in the city or surrounding areas. Or you are visiting or passing through. Time spent with a Bradford in escort will enhance your experience of the city. Whichever Bradford escort agency you book with, you will have plenty of choice. Each unique female companion offering inspiration and new experiences. There are two very opposing views of Bradford city. Quite simply, you either love it or hate it. The only thing people do agree on; escorts in Bradford are the best! And Bradford escort agencies are the best!  

So, let’s start with the positive opinions of Bradford. The city is located in the Pennine Hills; considered to be one of the most scenic areas of England. With beautiful countryside, wild moorlands, fresh air and natural beauty. Apparently, clients feel invigorated exploring the area with an affectionate and attentive escort in Bradford. Bradford is described as a vibrant cultural city with many attractions and things to do. From annual events, international events, exhibitions, festivals, theatres, concerts and live music.  

The city has a varied mix of cultures and languages, which has a knock-on effect to the girls who apply for work as an escort in Bradford. With immigration from all over the world, clients have a wide range of choice of different types of Bradford escorts! Including different coloured skin, cultures, races and languages. Bradford is well known for world escort tourism.  

Then we have the very negative view of Bradford. Everyone remembers the serial killer who murdered the three escort girls. It’s worth noting that these girls did not work for a Bradford escort agency, so they did not have the security and protection! And everyone remembers Britain’s worst ever riots in Manningham which now resembles a war zone.  

“Bradford is literally hell on earth. The city center resembles a squalid cess pit, full of monstrous partially demolished 60’s concrete office blocks, Pound shops, amusement arcades, prostitutes, heroin addicts, Eastern European car-jackers, Asian drug dealers, pre-pubescent mums and mad alcoholic tramps having arguments with themselves. Dare to use public transport around the Interchange and you will inevitably get stabbed. There is extreme violent crime, sexual crime, murder, burglary, drug abuse, unemployment etc.” – Quoted from Bradford I Live here.  

The reason that there are conflicting opinions of Bradford is because of the following. On one hand, Bradford is ranked one of the most deprived and unemployed areas of England. And yet, it has the third largest economy in Yorkshire. After Leeds and Sheffield of course. There is an extreme divide in the rich and poor!   

The poverty is arguably one of the reasons many females become an escort in Bradford. We understand that when girls first approach an agency for escort work, they don’t have any money for nice clothes and lingerie. They don’t look like a high-class companion. Our escort agency in Bradford help escorts to get started. Some nice sets of lingerie and a classic little black dress. There are other experienced escorts who we can ask to lend makeup and paint nails and do their hair. Or to borrow a pair of stockings. Our Bradford escorts are very empathetic to new escorts who start! And clients who book our girls who are fresh to the escort industry understand their circumstances. However, after a few bookings new girls have made enough money to invest in their escort job! Without a doubt after a few more bookings they are transformed into classy Bradford escorts with plenty of income to indulge in the finer things in life.  

However, Bradford escort agencies are very picky as to who they represent and advertise! Not every girl who applies will be chosen to represent escort agencies in Bradford. For example, a drug addict with balck stained teeth will not make a classy escort. We cannot help girls in this situation. As far as appearance is concerned, we are looking for pretty girls who simply need a makeover. They must have an enthusiastic and positive attitude. We cannot advertise escorts who won’t help themselves. They must be honest and reliable. Manners and politeness cost nothing!  

We are dedicated to bringing clients the best escorts in Bradford! We never close our booking phone line. We are open 24 hours a day, every day! Offering elite female companions for incalls and outcalls throughout West Yorkshire!  

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